Our services

Consulting Services

Economyaat team can provide all kind of consultation regarding banks, real estate loans, personal loans, investing in stock market, all inquiries related to Swedish Tax Authority, Pension Authority and companies incorporation.

Feasibility studies Services

Economyaat team will assist you preparing the feasibility study for your commercial project to insure a proper approval from concerned authorities with high professionalism, taking into account every single detail.

Financial Analysis Services

Economyaat team will assist and provide advise if you want to invest or buy one of the existing projects by analyzing the financial statements and knowing the pros and cons of this project.

Educational services

The Economyaat team provides professional workshops on various topics, including entrepreneurship in Sweden, financial literacy, programs dedicated to promoting foreign - born women's entrepreneurship and much more. The workshops are offered either as separate workshops or as an integrated program that extends over a number of workshops.


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